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Ohio schools and camps for children were not permitted to carry non-patient specific Epipen devices to provide urgent medical response for children experiencing anaphylactic shock from allergic reaction.


2015 Objective:
To pass legislation to enable all schools and camps to have availability and legal permission to provide a non-patient, Epipen product so that children who are unaware of potentially fatal allergies have immediate access to an Epipen.


Passed legislation so all schools and camps are permitted to carry non-patient, Epipens on location.


Similar to schools and camps, Ohio food servers were also prohibited from providing access to Epipen devices for allergic reactions.


2016 Objective:
To pass legislation that would permit all entities serving food (restaurants, ballparks, amusement parks etc.) to be permitted to have Epipens onsite.


Unanimously passed legislation permitting entities to stock Epipens onsite.